• 05.14.2014New York and London based borro are pawn shops where you can pawn ... get ready for this ... your exotic car. The two shops have models such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, DeLorean and Bugatti.
  • 01.21.2014Ten special edition limited edition Ferrari FF autos priced at almost $400,000 were put in the Neiman Marcus catalog, and sold out in less than one hour.
  • 11.19.2013The voting panel at the Festival Automobile International in Paris awarded the Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept the title of "The Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year."

LG Reps is a couple of guys that consider themselves a club — a car club. Cars are our lives. Between the two of us we've owned quite a few cars. But we've never owned a top of the line, great, exotic car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. But hey, who has the money to buy a vehicle like that? While we've never owned such a fine ride, we have driven these vehicles on more than one occasion. How? By renting. Years ago there was no such thing as renting a $100K machine for a day. Now you can. No matter where you live — provided it's a fairly large metropolitan area — there's a car rental agency near you that specializes in renting luxury vehicles. This site is dedicated to those of you who are willing to shell out a few bucks to have the day, weekend, or week of your life by renting a great ride.

Why Rent an Exotic Car?

Folks on vacation will generally need to rent a vehicle especially if they are traveling by air to get to their end point. Sometimes people will even rent an automobile for cross country outings, which means more days and nights with the auto rental. The average person will rent an economy class car for their holiday, for example a Chevy or Ford. These cars usually cost about $40 per day to rent, which is excellent for people with limited funds who want to go on holiday. For everyone else, they'll probably want to travel in class with a delightful appearing luxury car. Exotic cars are the kinds of cars like Ferrari or a Lamborghini. One of these cars would cost $180,000 to buy. As a rental, you can lease one of these high-end autos for as little as $459 per day at a lot of car dealerships. On the other hand, the fees do not simply stop there. Afterward, of course, there will be the insurance prices that need to be contemplated too. All of these charges may seem like a lot of cash to a typical individual, but to somebody who is paid six figures per year it is not too bad.

If you are going on a vacation shortly and are considering renting a luxury car then you definitely have to think of what your preferences are. If it has been your long term aspiration to drive a Cadillac Escalade or a McLaren then you might want to rent a car similar to this for just a day or two. If you live in, or are vacationing in, a large city such as Los Angeles, then it's easy to find a car rental agency that specializes in renting luxury vehicles — even if the rental is only for a day. For a Los Angeles Lamborghini rental you'll want to visit Black Diamond Exotics. A second option of a Lamborghini rental in Los Angeles is Search Exotics LA. For You do not have to travel anywhere specific either. Merely take the flashy car outside for a drive about downtown and feel how the higher class lives for once. It may take quite a long time for you to save up enough funds to acquire this encounter, but it'll be an experience which will remain along with you for the rest of your days.

Is it possible to put a dollar amount on this? So, look into an exotic car rental agency in the place you are vacationing at and find out the deals on high end leases they are providing. Enormous car rental companies generally have specials throughout the vacation times. But smaller, more specialized agencies know they need to be competitive, and you can often find deals at these specialty rental agencies as well. From Texas to Florida, if you're in a big city, you can find a luxury car rental firm. For an exotic car rental in Houston look to Houston Fantasy Cars. For a Miami exotic car rental you'll want to check out Miami Platinum Exotics. This will make it the right time for you to take some time away from work and delight in a high-class little vacation. All you've got to do is convince yourself you're worth it.

Renting a Luxury Vehicle Is Worth the Added Cost

There exists no greater experience compared to cruising across the street in a top model luxury car, like a Cadillac Escalade or a Hummer. The majority of folks do not be able to understand what this encounter is like while others take it every single day as a given. For people that have never known the sensation of driving in a luxury car, you have to think of visiting an exotic auto rental dealership. Truly the only negative is they cost you about $600 a day to rent. In working in a minimal paying job in this tight market, a lot of people get paid that amount each couple of weeks. How are these men and women ever going to manage to rent out an expensive vehicle in this way? There are actually a number of ways that an average man might enjoy this sort of extravagance. For starters, you'll be able to pool your funds collectively with a few other people and rent the vehicle for only a single day. After that each person can take turns driving the expensive automobile while making it economical to them. What you should do is share the car driving time with the folks which are helping you pay for it.

luxury car

An additional way to get this luxury car encounter is to save your own money, particularly when you come into a lot of money at once. Quit spending your cash on items that don't matter, such as Netflix or take out food. Alternatively, set several dollars away in a savings account every time you get paid and eventually it'll add up to hundreds of dollars. Then you can use that to pay for the thrill of driving a wonderful Cadillac Escalade by your boss's office to get him jealous.

You then should ensure you rent an exotic vehicle for your outing if you've saved enough cash up to go on holiday. Whether you drive to your vacation spot or take the rental car out of the airport, the thing that is significant will be to vacation with class. The greatest trips to rent an exotic car is a trip to a big city like Los Angeles or Miami. Think of the thrill of driving down the main avenue in a Ferrari F430 with scores of hot tanned girls smiling at you. Occasionally, as a way to truly feel self confident you should feel good on the outside. A ride down the strip in a Ferrari F430 will definitely be an ego boost, that will make you will maybe enable you to get a date for the night through causing you to feel great about yourself. Of course, you do not need to be a bachelor in order to enjoy an expensive auto on your trip. As a married man, there are a number of luxury auto rentals that are suitable for family vacations.

One exotic car that's particularly nice for rental is the new GMC XL Denali. The Hummer H1 Alpha is a lavish spacious vehicle that will have room for a big family while maintaining the level of comfort high at the same time, so that's a great choice too. There is intelligent engineering . On top of that, the rental costs are generally lower than some other luxury automobiles. Not only is this cheaper than the bachelors typical automobiles, such as Lamborghini, but it has more options in it as well. If your spouse is working it is likely that, the two of you can easily merge your cash together and take a nice road trip with the family in this amazing ride. Have fun with the conveniences that these vehicles can give you and the essential thing to keep in mind is always to have a very good time.